• Sep'13 - 
  • City University London - MA Creative Writing (Screenwriting pathway)

    ·         Screenwriting and Playwriting pathway
    ·         Dramatic Writing
    ·         Storytelling
    ·         Writing workshops for theatre, film and television
    ·         The Production Business

  • Sep'10-Sep'12

    Drexel University (Philadelphia, US) - MSc. Television Management

    ·         Media Law for Television Management
    ·         Audience Measurement
    ·         Structure of TV Organizations
    ·         Television Programming
    ·         Emerging TV Technology
    ·         Money and the Media
    ·         Television Production

    ·         Master Thesis: Financial Analysis of Broadcast TV Programming 

  • Private Bolivian University (Cochabamba, Bolivia) - BSc. Financial Engineering

    ·         Graduated SUMMA CUM LAUDE
    ·         Economics, econometrics
    ·         Accounting
    ·         Statistics
    ·         Marketing
    ·         Financial Statement Analysis
    ·         Human Resources Planning
    ·         International Commerce
    ·         Quantitative Models
    ·         Finance
    ·         Project Management
    ·         Capital Markets


  • Nov'15-

    Kantar Media - Twitter TV Analyst (London)

         Quality control of TV Twitter Data, Publish Twitter ratings, maintain official Twitter account, write weekly Social Media Newsletter.

  • Jan'14 -Nov'15 
  • City University London - Finance Assistant (London)

    ·        Process invoices, credit notes and credit card payments for internal customers
    ·        Point of contact for suppliers across the university
    ·        Check statements and make sure outstanding commitments are settled
    ·       Allocate payments to correct purchase orders and cost centres in the system (SAP)

  • Oct'12-Sep'13

    Freelance Financial Consultant (Cochabamba, Bolivia)

         Projected cashflows, financial statement analysis, prepared business plans. Examples include: Preparing a business proposal for a deluxe car rental service, collaborating in the creation of a financial analysis protocol for an investment fund.

  • FOX 29 - Sales intern (Philadelphia, PA)

    ·         Prepared promotional materials for ad-spot sales (PPT, hard copies for presentations)
    ·         Prepared reports based on Nielsen ratings
    ·         General administrative assistance duties 

  • ProCredit Bank - Credit Analyst (Cochabamba, Bolivia

    ·         Collected, processed and analysed financial data
    ·         Elaborated credit analysis reports
    ·         Created presentations for a national committee
    ·         Managed a portfolio of clients

  • Oil Industries FINO - Commercial Assistant

    ·         Assisted marketing team in market research activities and implementing campaigns
    ·         Inventory control
    ·         Prepared daily sales reports



TVRepublik is a blog dedicated to all things TV. It covers current and classic television shows from the US, UK and Canada. The blog mostly focuses on US programming, upcoming shows, new show reviews and recaps of popular network series.

I created and manage TVRepublik in 2012. Currently I write 90% of the content with occasional guest-bloggers.

Posting under "Alejandra" and "TheTVEmpress"

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In addition to TVRepublik, I guest blog for other TV-focused websites.



I am currently working on a television pilot as part of the requirements to obtain my MA in Creative Writing.

"Mindsplit" is a science fiction TV show that takes place in a not so distant future. In Mindsplit's universe, science and technology advanced astronomically. The lines of humanity were blurred, giving birth to a subspecies of: "posthumans" (enhanced by bionics or genetics). However, technological advances were abused resulting in a state of panic and paranoia. A totalitarian"purist" party rose to power and proclaimed all digital technology illegal, forcing the public to go back to the analog age.

The TV serial will follow the lives of a few surviving "posthumans" , who attempt to survive in a nation that actively persecutes them.

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My main areas of interest are TV programming, TV Economics and online media.



With a landscape of vertically integrated media conglomerates and new distribution
windows constantly emerging, a TV show can generate multiple revenue streams
complicating the economics of television networks. The purpose of this study is to analyze
the revenue sources that can be associated with a TV show and their impact on
programming decisions. Through a combination of econometric models, statistical tests and
financial analysis, the researcher studied the internal and external factors that influence the
four main revenue streams of TV shows: advertising, syndication, home video and online
platforms. In addition, the DVR and other time-shifting technologies were observed. The
data analyzed suggested advertising rates are a function of ratings, total ad spending, TV
gross ad revenue and GDP while syndication, home video and online downloads depend
mainly on the genre of the show. The shows that consistently generated larger income
across all windows were high rated comedies. The DVR appeared to have little to no
influence in programming decisions, however new media technologies showed potential to
change the way viewers experience television.